For me personally a special time of reflection, prayer and to give thanks to the traditions I celebrate. Confession of sins, self-discipline, preparations for the long fast of Lent and lead up to Easter. Are you giving up anything for Lent? Today we celebrate with tasty oat crepe (thin) pancakes with a festival themed table design and a pancake race around our village. Eggs freshly laid today by our gorgeous hens, organic lemons straight from our little tree and homemade orange jam. I can’t believe chef hubby let me create havoc in the kitchen. Not sure how I scrape pancake off the ceiling! It is believed that the tradition to flip your pancake came from the 15th century after a woman from Buckinghamshire rushed to the church to confess her sins while mid-way through making pancakes. Apologies no photos of me today as I’m still in my P.J’s (ha ha). Not a shabby attempt, I obtained a GCSE grade B in Home Economics at school despite setting the kitchen on fire (ha ha). As it is also Festival Tuesday here in Portugal, I decided to decorate the table with colourful confetti which I recycled from our New Years Eve gigantic party popper. Yes, the frugal me scooped it all off of my floor and saved it in a shoe box in the bottom of my wardrobe. Not very hygienic but who cares. It’s 97% confetti, 1% Helen Hair and 2% bunny Milo fluff (ha ha). It’s back in the shoebox now for future celebrations. I’m convinced you will be seeing a lot of this confetti, watch this space (ha ha).

My recipe (Ingredients per person):

Olive oil

40 g porridge oats

120 ml skimmed milk

1 egg

Pinch salt

Toppings of your choice


Whiz oats in blender to turn into oat flour then add the rest of ingredients until smooth mixture. Rest for 30 minutes (the mixture not you personally unless your tried – ha ha). Pour into a crepe pan and turn to cook each side evenly. Simple healthy, gluten free option and a tasty alternative from my usual morning porridge.


It is heartbreaking to see news of what is happening in the world right now and I send my sincere love, hope and prayers. Whatever your religion or faith, have a flipping great day.