I’m not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. I prefer to celebrate birthdays as a birthday is your own personal and special day as opposed to a forced upon romantic celebration but any excuse to eat cake, chocolate and drink alcohol then you don’t need to ask me twice (ha ha). I also spent many Valentine’s Days single praying for LOVE and even a bunch of petrol station flowers would have been gratefully accepted, no diamonds required so it’s nice to get dressed up for a change and share a romantic celebration dinner at home with hubby.

We hand made each other Valentine’s Day cards again this year. The only rule was to be frugal and not spend any money so recycle materials found around the house or garden. My crafting skills are limited (I mean pants) and my arthritic hands are not very steady but I tried my best. I’m not allowed near a tube of superglue after last years disaster where I got high and superglued my fingers together, then ate all the cheese, shame it wasn’t my mouth glued shut (ha ha). I’m only allowed a pritt stick for health and safety reasons which is rubbish. I chose a basic simple design but then I kept going wrong so had to add bows and stuff to cover my epic mistakes. I think I went too far and overboard with the glitter but it’s fun to see hubby with sparkles in his hair and beard and magically glistening like a pretty princess during a serious work zoom meeting with the Big American bosses (ha ha). Whilst I’m covered in paint I decided to paint a Rock for my Rock. Hubby is my ROCK and SOULMATE. Again it’s not great but love and devotion went into making it and he can always lie and say his 3 year old granddaughter made it (ha ha). Next year I might try a personalised Helen butt print, I’m going to need bigger card than A4 and I’m concerned the paint won’t wash off my ass (ha ha). Here’s to having artistic fun and making shitty messes.

Love is finding happiness the second time around. My foot is still bad so I only managed heels for 5 minutes and I’m not sure my comfy slippers are very sexy or match my outfit (ha ha). I think hubby’s homemade Valentines pop up card is far superior to my effort, mine is more crappy than creative but I tried. How fantastic is this epic Portuguese cake! We enjoyed the chocolate hearts with cherry liqueur. Here’s to LOVE, I am having the time of my life here in Portugal with hubby by my side. He is my best friend and makes me belly laugh on a daily basis. He works so hard to provide us with our dream yet simple joyful life. I’m so lucky to have found love 2nd time around. Let’s raise a glass to blended families, 2nd chances to find your soulmate and here’s to more crazy adventures together in 2022. My heart will always belong to you (Adrian).

Never lose hope in Love. Sometimes you have to kiss many frogs before before you find your prince.