I LOVE my ladies so much, I thought I would start a gallery of their antics. I will update regularly to share my momma chicken FUN.

3 out of 4 of my ladies are laying fresh eggs daily. Detective Poirot hubby set his bike camera up in the coop to determine which were laying but they knocked it over (ha ha). It’s all a bit random, they are laying in the nesting boxes and although there are 4 nesting boxes with beautiful curtains they are laying wherever they want to. Some days we get 2 in one nesting box and 1 in another, other days 1 egg in 3 separate nesting boxes. It’s a mystery for Scooby-Doo and his friends but I am just delighted to be able to be rewarded with fantastic tasty eggs. The yolks are such a bright vivid colour compared to shop purchased eggs.

Egg Art

Michonne laying an Egg

Foraging Fluffy Friends

Carol’s Fluffy Butt

God only knows how Carol stays so beautifully white after all her dust baths.

Mellow Yellow

The yolks are so very Mellow Yellow! Very tasty picnic teamed up with fresh tuna.

Sunset chilling with my Ladies

My Ladies adore exploring the top garden area and love to dig at the bottom of the compost bin where all the bugs are located. I could sit out here all day watching them as they are hilarious. It’s getting a bit cold now as it’s December so when the sun sets it’s time to put the girls to bed and retreat inside and sit in front of the log fire.

4 Eggs Yippee! (8th December 2021)

Today Portugal celebrates its National public holiday: Immaculate Conception day otherwise known as the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Festa da Imaculada Conceição) it is a religious holiday to celebrate the conception of the Virgin Mary, who Catholics believe was born without original sin.

I am super EGGcited, today is the first day we have been blessed with 4 eggs! We have been receiving 3 eggs daily for a while now but today we got 4. Well done Carol, Michonne, Maggie and Judith. I rewarded them with a butternut squash. Simple pleasures and tasty omelettes. Judith was the late layer but she was also a bit smaller than the rest when we purchased her so maybe she is a bit younger. I have read that hens can produce less eggs and maybe none during the cold winter months so I’m not sure how many we will continue to get over winter but any amount is greatly received. It’s becoming a daily game where hubby wakes up early for work and goes to let them out of their coop. He returns and shouts out to me the amount of eggs and which nesting box they have laid in. I just stay in bed attentively awaiting the news (ha ha). Whatever you are doing today, I wish you a blessed day.

Our first ever Double Yolker

Our first ever double Yolker! I know I’m easily pleased. Our eggs don’t usually differ in size that much but today we got a whopper and I had my suspicions that it might be a double yolker. That must of hurt like hell, I can show empathy as I know first hand what it’s like to birth out a 10lb baby as a young teenager in a birthing pool with no drugs (ha ha). Fun Facts: Double yolks are fairly rare – you might find them in 1 of every 1,000 eggs. These eggs typically come from our younger hens who are still just learning how to lay eggs. Double-yolked eggs also tend to be very large. They are usually graded Super Jumbo. I wonder who popped out the whopper. My money is on Carol.

I used an espresso (tiny) cup for scale because I ate all my bananas (ha ha).

When Vegetables become Weapons of War

Chilling with my ladies which is my daily therapy now and a stray cat keeps pestering us. I’ve armed myself with the nearest object I could find next to the compost bin. An old Couve galega Lisa (Walking stick cabbage). I’m caffeine fuelled ready, game on, let the battle commence. I’m not going down, not without a fight. Hell hath no fury like a menopausal woman with a cabbage stick in her hand (ha ha).


Maybe I should have called her Ivy!

The Chicken Whisperer – Best Birthday Present EVER

Check out my chicken related Birthday present from hubby! My “Chicken whisperer” T.Shirt in my favourite colour (purple), I LOVE it. The colour purple represents Wisdom, Bravery and Spirituality but it can also represent mourning in some countries. I like to think that I’m wise, brave and spiritual but I’m not too sure some days. I do know that I used to wear a lot of black when I was bigger trying to be invisible and blend into the background of life. I am now trying to embrace colour and experiment with brighter colours although I still can’t really wear bright red especially if it’s a dress as I just look like a prostitute and not the pretty woman Julia Roberts type but the cheap, tacky, back alley kind turning tricks for my next pastel de nata fix (ha ha).

Home is where the Heart is

Hubby has had to work late a lot recently so I’ve been enjoying my free ranging sunset chicken and coffee daily therapy solo. A couple of the birds miss hubby and keep on escaping down the steps onto the patio area and are having a great time exploring the different garden area. I now have to try and round them all up, thank goodness I have only got 4. Carol is heading for the house in search of hubby (The Feeder). I literally had to phone him to come help me as they all ran in different directions (ha ha).

We got a Feeder

We got a Feeder and I don’t mean hubby although he does feed me naughty treats when I’m trying to be healthy, he is such an enabler (ha ha). He picked them up from a local store and bought 2 of them so our ladies don’t get into a food frenzy fight. They were a bargain at €2 each. Judith is not that impressed and prefers to table dance for her food.

When Chickens go all Rogue

Last nights antics: When chickens go rogue and adventurist. Cheeky souls (Carol, Michonne, Maggie and Judith) have starting venturing to the lower patio garden areas to explore. They think the grass is greener but it’s just crazy paving like my crazy ladies. Hubby had to retrieve them and return them back to the top garden. Chickens are so hilarious and really do make the best pets.

Gardening with Chickens

My ladies follow me everywhere and love to poop all over my patio (ha ha). They are not much help with gardening and more of a hindrance than help! Their poop does make awesome compost so for that I am thankful.

The Dirty Protest

It appears that my chickens are addicted to Portuguese coffee just like me (ha ha). Michonne did a dirty protest on my blanket because I wouldn’t let her drink my coffee dregs.

I Believe I can Fly

I believe I can Fly, I believe I can touch the SKY!

Who needs Instagram Followers when you have Chicken Followers!

Casa Chicken Chaos

Hubby visited the local shops and left me in charge of supervising the chickens. They caused mayhem! They wandered around the back of our Casa and over to next door and I couldn’t catch them all. I managed to locate 2 and put them back in their run then the other 2 followed me into the house and flew at my face whilst I was getting their food. It didn’t work closing the door as the windows are out as I’m painting them in the sun room so their is a huge gap which they are intrigued by. I spent ages chasing 2 chickens around the lounge and hubby returned to absolute chaos (ha ha).

Good Friday with my Ladies

Easter Saturday Selfies & Easter Egg Hunt

Dirty Carol

Carol likes to get down and dirty, like me (ha ha). She loves a dirt bath and I could watch her doing this all day.

Party on the Roof

There is always one naughty rogue chicken who won’t behave. On this occasion it is Michonne who wants to party on the roof. She is trying to find a route to bypass the palette and get to my new raised bed with tomato plants, cheeky thing! She climbed right to the top then took a huge dirty protest poop (ha ha). The others are happy in their dirt bath. Carol ain’t so brilliant white anymore. She is more of a dirty Magnolia Primary school toilet colour (ha ha). I could watch them dirt bathe all day long, it’s fascinating!

Poorly Michonne

Michonne has been a bit poorly for a few days and I was so worried that she was going to die. She couldn’t walk much and just sat down every few steps. We examined her and gave her a full check over and could not see any visible signs of injury. She was still eating, drinking and pooping normally as well as laying eggs so it was a mystery fit for detective Poirot. It was very sad to see and hubby had to carry her back to the coop each evening. She is slowly getting better and although she is not back to her complete 100% normal cheeky self she is walking much more and can put herself to bed now so it looks like she is on the mend. I am so glad as she is my favourite (don’t tell the others!). I managed to catch a few shots of her in mid flight today and she always looks so majestic, bless her.

Mardy Maggie

Maggie is an extreme digger and loves to kick dirt and stones at anyone or anything in her path. Today she kicked a huge stone at me then when I told her off she stood above me, 2 inches from my face and tried her very best to intimidate me. It worked. I thought I was a fierce bird but I got nothing on Maggie, she is terrifying (ha ha).

Maggie & The Ivy

Maggie is always the troublemaker. Our ladies have the whole top garden to free range but they like to explore the other garden areas. I don’t want them eating my veggies or pooping all over the patio so I used an old pallet to block the gap. Maggie has decided to jump onto the ivy wall and lead all the others astray. Naughty girl Maggie (ha ha).

More Chicken Antics

Today’s antics: Escape route via the Ivy bush AGAIN! and dancing on the roof with a strong finale of lets escape to our neighbours garden because a whole top wild garden just ain’t sufficient enough for these crazy birds. That reminds me I must trim my bush before I head to the beach tomorrow (ha ha). They wouldn’t come back from our neighbours land so I had to get all feisty shouty at them then they flew back all majestic looking (ha ha).


Hubby has a favourite chicken. Judith accidently fell off the high wall and flapped her way down to safety, it was all a bit dramatic. Hubby retrieved her from the bottom garden and carried her back to the top garden so now she loves him and won’t stop sitting on his lap. It has nothing to do with the fact that he sneaks her food just for her whilst the others aren’t looking (ha ha).

Chickens and the Watermelon

I could watch my ladies eat watermelon all day long (ha ha).

Wet, Wild & Windy

It may be wet, wild and windy here in Central Portugal mid Oct but a break in the rain = Chicken and Caffeine Therapy with my crazy girls.

The Grass is always Greener on the other side

The grass is always greener on the other side! In our case it actually is greener on the other side. Hence why our ladies keep escaping to our neighbours garden to forage. They make me laugh as they can’t be assed to fly up so they jump up and down the little stone steps. Luckily for us our neighbours use their property as a holiday home so rarely here. They are gonna wonder where all their cabbages have gone when they return! I will smile and deny all knowledge then gift them a dozen eggs then run like the wind.

Who Shot Michonne?

It looks like the sun just shot a lazer beam at Michonne (ha ha).

Escape to the Country

Carol is at it again, escaping to next door where the grass is always greener. I love how she uses the little stone steps (ha ha).

Sunset Judith

Chu Chu Chickens

When your chickens aren’t too keen on Chu Chu so Chicken Papa has to lure them in with strategically placed raspberries (ha ha).

Chicken Papa

I decided to clean the kitchen so sent hubby out to free range the chickens and supervise against predators. He just sent me these photos. Carol and Judith have joined him on his cushion and won’t stop staring at him, it must be LOVE (ha ha). Poor Judith has lost so many feathers and is looking quite bald, I might have to start calling her Kojak!

The Sparse Arse – Meet My Twin “Judith”

I am spending a lot of time in the garden with my ladies. Just look at poor Judith. She has massive feather loss and I can’t help but feel that we are terrible twins as my hair is so thin due to the menopause. Bless her she looks a little sad but I can’t help but laugh as her sparse arse feathers are blowing in the wind.