This leisure zone area is located in the village of Barril de Alva, next to the bridge and on the bank of the river Alva. It’s a short 10 min drive from our casa and a beautiful spot to enjoy an after work stroll with hubby. There is a restaurant, a large car park, picnic area with benches, water wheel feature and a motorhome park for camper vans and caravans. There is a pavilion in the park and there were a few guys singing and playing the guitar when we visited, almost a live gig (ha ha).

We spent a lovely hour here just walking and enjoying the scenery. I love the fact that there is quaint little fountain and signs explaining the history of the area. If you take the trail down by the river it will lead you to a river beach. It’s a simple place but great for a tranquil pre dinner walk and for walking dogs. I don’t have a dog but this walk made me wish I did. We nearly adopted a stray the other day but resisted. Bunny Milo is actually quite a demanding pet so we need to let him settle in to his life in Portugal before we decide to take on any more furry friends.