We live in a rural remote area so a car is essential as buses are very infrequent. They run very early in the mornings (school run). Personally I have found the local bus (short journeys) fairly expensive compared to the Rede Expressos (longer journeys). Vinhó to Arganil (25 min journey) is just under 3 euros single so a total of 12 euros return for 2 people. You have to hold onto your seat because like car drivers they drive extremely fast. The Rede Expressos are a bus company who travel the longer routes to and from cities. The bus journey from Catraia Mouronho to Porto is 14.70 euros with a transfer at Coimbra bus station so very affordable. Prices may vary depending on time of travel. Be aware when buying a house that although the Rede Expressos tickets are very reasonable, if you don’t live near a Rede Expressos bus stop then a taxi can be expensive. Our nearest stop to us is 6-7 km away and can add 20 euros to costs if travelling early morning.

When we returned the hire car we travelled via the metro and the high speed train from Porto Campanhã to Coimbra B which was excellent and cost around 17 euros per person. The express trains do not stop in Porto or Coimbra city centres, but at Coimbra B and Porto Campanhã train stations. For the metro you need to buy a card that can be recharged and used on different public transport operators (STCP, CP and Metro). You need to buy the ticket (top up the Andante card in advance of the journey). There are usually self service machines by the metro stops. Each person needs to have their own Andante card. You can’t top it up with 2 journeys for 2 people. It is quite flimsy cardboard and has electronic strip so be careful not to damage it or get it wet. The blue Andante card is 60 cents. The gold one is more expensive and for regular commuting. You must validate your card before you get on the metro by holding it against the validating machine or risk a fine. There are different zones and prices but very affordable.

For the train in Porto you need to buy a similar Siga card for occasional journeys which costs 50 cents. Like the Andante card it is reusable and has an electronic strip and can carry several single journeys. Again it is only valid for one person and you must validate it at the beginning of every journey no more than 15 mins before the train is due to leave. Load at ticket office or vending machine.

We don’t have Uber where we live as a small village but they do in Coimbra. We took an Uber home from Coimbra once and it cost 49 euros.

There are taxis in Cojâ and Arganil. We picked a card up from a driver in Cojâ and phoned him when we needed to book a taxi before we purchased our car. Taxi costs are average. There seems to be a surcharge when picking us up as we are very remote so I think they charge us for driving from Cojâ .