Figueira da Foz is a city located in Coimbra and is famous for it’s stretch of beautiful golden beaches with wooden boardwalks. These coastal beaches are the nearest to our home and a 1 hr 15 min drive. The name Figueira da Foz translates as ‘Fig tree at the mouth of the river’. Legend is that the fig tree in question was one that stood at the water’s edge and to which fishermen of old would tether their boats. It also has the nickname of ‘Rainha das Praias’ (Queen of Beaches) and is also considered ‘Queen of the silver coast’. The setting and picturesque views of the surrounding green hills of the Serra da Boa Viagem are amazing.

Figueira da Foz is excellent for all water sports: surfing, windsurfing, rowing and paragliding. It’s also great for walking and cycling. There is so much to do and see here you will be spoilt for choice. There is a museum, casino, market, cafes/restaurants/bars and plenty of arts and entertainment to suit everyone. If you want a break from the beaches take a drive up to the pine forest of Serra da Boa Viagem and explore the woods of the forest. There is also a treetop experience a bit like Go Ape if your feeling adventurous. After all our recent excursions we just wanted a chilled day with plenty of ice cream so after exploring the local town we headed for the beach and had so much fun relaxing and jumping the waves. We found a very posh bar right on the sea front with plenty of shade. We started at Tamargueira beach where the water is easily accessible and you don’t have to walk a long way to reach the sea. We then later relocated to Claridade Beach. When it got too windy at the beach (early evening) we took a mystery tour by car and found a beautiful lake and we were the only ones there! Top tip: lilo’s are NOT for coastal beaches. Do not take an inflatable into the sea unless you have a death wish (ha ha). There are many free car parks and free parking on the roadside, we parked on the road opposite Lidl.

GPS Coordinates (Free car park): 40°09’58.2″N 8°52’52.7″W