I LOVE my ladies so much, I thought I would start a gallery of their antics. I will update regularly to share my momma chicken FUN.

3 out of 4 of my ladies are laying fresh eggs daily. Detective Poirot hubby set his bike camera up in the coop to determine which were laying but they knocked it over (ha ha). It’s all a bit random, they are laying in the nesting boxes and although there are 4 nesting boxes with beautiful curtains they are laying wherever they want to. Some days we get 2 in one nesting box and 1 in another, other days 1 egg in 3 separate nesting boxes. It’s a mystery for Scooby-Doo and his friends but I am just delighted to be able to be rewarded with fantastic tasty eggs. The yolks are such a bright vivid colour compared to shop purchased eggs.

Egg Art

Michonne laying an Egg

Foraging Fluffy Friends

Carol’s Fluffy Butt

God only knows how Carol stays so beautifully white after all her dust baths.

Mellow Yellow

The yolks are so very Mellow Yellow! Very tasty picnic teamed up with fresh tuna.