Happy anniversary to my wonderful husband (5 years married today) it only seems like yesterday when we were exchanging our vows in Las Vegas outside of the Bellagio fountains. Vegas will always be a special place for us but I hope over the future years we can take many more fantastic new adventures here and make new beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Although I’m not currently shopping online for non essential items as I think it is important that deliveries are prioritised for the sick and those who are self isolating, I thought my husband deserved a treat so have ordered some guitar strings for his electric guitar that he has built. They should arrive today. He can serenade me with his heavy metal songs – ha ha. 5 years apparently represents wood (I didn’t know that). The guitar is partially made from wood so I think I got away with that one.

I received some lovely gifts from my favourite shop A loja do gato preto. I don’t particularly like cats, I’m more of a dog lover but I adore lucky cats and have quite a collection which I left in the U.K. I was a little worried that airport security might think I was stashing something illegal inside their battery compartments so sadly they are back in the U.K for now.

We have a pact now that any cards given have to be written in Portuguese which is fun. I am cooking dinner tonight – a traditional salted cod fish main and a Portuguese rice pudding, I will update later. If it all fails and is a disaster we can go to the bar – the bar in the corner of the lounge – ha ha.

A blast from the past – 1996 – alcohol was involved and a trip to ‘Chick King’ – Newquay!