I thought it was about time I started Guinea Pig Gallery to share Rick and Negan’s adventures here in Portugal. Yesterday they had their first proper visit to the great outdoors/garden. I had to wait until early evening as it was roasting hot. I found a little covered spot in the shade for them to enjoy nature. I didn’t want to expose them to the big wide world and grass on the ground as I was very worried a big bird of prey might swoop down and dissapear with them up into the bright blue sky. I also didn’t want them eating chicken poop and lets get real, my upper garden is covered in grass, weeds and chicken shit (ha ha).

I can’t believe this barley grass germinated and grew in 7 short days, our Guinea piggies LOVE it. I’m obviously bias but these 2 monsters are the best pets ever and my personal therapy, I simply adore them and their precious squeaking. Rick (my piggie) is obviously the naughty mischievous one of the two brothers because he takes after his crazy owner. It’s a hard life being a lady of leisure and dividing my time equally between our furry and feathered friends (ha ha). They are such an adorable duo, almost as cute as us two (ha ha). 

Rick & Negan’s 1st Garden Adventure

Beetroot Babe

It was so hot and I got a little bit sunburnt this afternoon whilst gardening. Here I am all shiny and very sweaty Betty. I am still trying to grow old gracefully but my laughter lines are fierce. I really can’t be assed to wear make-up in the garden as it will just melt off my face anyway in this heat. It’s au naturel, as usual. I do have clean hair and I did change out of my gardening leggings and throw on a frock for the occasion. I’m also wearing underwear which makes a change as I’m usually the Charlie Dimmock of braless gardening. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to flash the locals, they are obviously distraught (ha ha).

Happy Easter 2023

Whatever lifts your spirits, brings you hope and fills you with the miracle of Easter, that’s what I’m wishing for you. It wouldn’t be Easter weekend without an awesome animal photo shoot with my Easter bunny Milo and Spring chickens. Our Guinea pigs (Rick &. Negan) have no relevance to the Easter theme but they felt left out so we let them join in the festive fun (ha ha). I grew them a heart shaped barley grass as a special Easter treat.

The Tunnel of LOVE (May 2023)

Bed Time Snuggles & Cuddles (June 2023)

Neither Rick or Negan are taking responsibility for the poop on my bed (ha ha).

More Tunnel of LOVE

Happy 6 Month Birthday Rick & Negan

Pappa Love

Happy Halloween from Rick & Negan

I will update my Guinea Pig Gallery regularly because they are growing so fast and they are just too damn cute not to share the LOVE