Municipal Council of Arganil Praça Simões Dias, post office box 10, 3304-954 Arganil 235200150; 961 989 589

[email protected]


Customer service point within the Câmara/Municipal Council e.g. register for utility: water, house tax (council tax) etc.

One-stop Shop of Arganil Praça Simões Dias, 3300-054 Arganil 235200150/ 9:00am–5:00 p.m (Working days)

Please note that the Arganil Câmara (Council/Town Hall) has temporarily moved to The Citizen Space due to 10 month refurbishment.


Is situated in the One Stop Shop in the Arganil Câmara. They offer support for migrants on a number of subjects. We visited them a couple of times to enquire about the bulky waste and English speaking doctor. 

Local Centre of Integration Support for Migrants of Arganil – One-stop Shop, Municipal Council of Arganil, Praça Simões Dias, post office box 10, 3304-954 Arganil [email protected] 9:00am – 12:30pm (Monday and Thursday)


Helpline for the Migrants (informative service) 808257257 (from the fixed network, cost of a local call); 218106191 (from the mobile network, for who calls from a foreign country) 9:00am–7:00pm (Working days) Telephone Translation Service (STT) Service which allows to realise, in a conference call, a simultaneous clarification between the employee of an institution, the translator and the foreign citizen (currently the translation service is available for 50 languages) 808257257 (from the fixed network); 218106191 (from the mobile network).

CITIZEN SPACE (Espaço do Cidadao)

The Citizen Space builds a digital assisted space for attendance which allows the citizens, in only one point of contact and with help of mediators of attendance, acceding via internet to different services made available by the Public Administration. 

Citizen Space of Arganil Municipal Council of Arganil, Praça Simões Dias, Post office box 10, 3304-954 Arganil 235200150 9:00a.m–5:00pm (Working days)