There are tons of river beaches dotted all over Portugal and our nearest is in Côja. The Fluvial Beach of Côja is located on the river Alva, in Beira and rich in natural beauty. River beaches make a great alternative to going to the coast. Most are inland and we have several located near to us. The river water is clean and safe to relax in with no worry of huge waves crashing in your face. There are also lots of shady areas to relax in. They open in the summer season.

Update July 2020

With the weather really scorching hot now and the ease of lock down we have started venturing out to some local tourist attractions. River beaches are my favourite places to visit and I have discovered that there are 200 for me to visit! I recently wrote a post detailing our recent trip to Cascalheira river beach, Secarias, Arganil. It was a fantastic afternoon and we had an amazing picnic amongst wildlife and nature.

I have now added a couple of river beaches to my bucket list. These include:

Praia Fluvial de Loriga, Seia, located in the Serra da Estrela natural park in the middle of the valley. This river beach is unique because it is located in a valley in a glacial valley.

Praia Fluvial Poço da Broca, Barriosa, Vide, located on the Alvôco riverside and set in lush green surroundings. It has three cascades (waterfalls) all totally different from each other, diverse spaces, rugged terrain and crystal clear water.

Accessible beache guide:

List of River Beaches in Central region:

Thanks to below is a comprehensive list of all the river beaches in the Central region.


1-Fluvial Beach of Burgães – Vale de Cambra
2-Fluvial Beach of Pontemieiro – Vale de Cambra
3-Fluvial Beach Quinta do Barco – Sever do Vouga
4-Fluvial Beach Cascata da Cabreia – Sever do Vouga
5-Fluvial Beach of Serra da Freita – Arouca
6-Praia Fluvial do Areinho – Arouca
7-Praia Fluvial da Espiunca – Arouca
8-Praia Fluvial do Vau – Arouca
9-Praia Fluvial da Paradinha, Alvarenga – Arouca
10-Praia Fluvial de Meitriz, Janarde – Arouca
11-Praia Fluvial da Várzea – ​​Castelo de Paiva
12-Praia Fluvial do Castelo – Castelo de Paiva
13-Praia Fluvial de Pedorido – Castelo de Paiva
14-Pool or River Wells River Teixeira – Limit between Aveiro and Viseu
15-Paraduça Fluvial Pool – Cambra Valley
16-Bolfiar Fluvial Beach – Águeda
17-Souto do Rio Fluvial Beach – Borralha – Águeda
18-Mamoa Fluvial Beach – Milheirós de Poiares – Santa Maria da Feira

White Castle:

1-Praia Fluvial Malhadal – Proença-a-Nova
2-Praia Fluvial de Belmonte – Belmonte
3-Praia Fluvial Almaceda – Almaceda
4-Praia Fluvial Janeiro de Cima – Fundão
5-Praia Fluvial O Moinho – Benquerença
6-Praia Fluvial Ourondinho – Covilhã
7-Praia Fluvial Paul – Covilhã

8-Praia Fluvial Sesmo – Sesmo
9-Praia Fluvial do Muro – Serrasqueira
10-Praia Fluvial Unhais da Serra – Covilhã

11-Praia Fluvial Taberna Seca – Taberna Seca
12-Praia Fluvial Barragem de Idanha – Idanha a Nova

13-Praia Fluvial do Pego – Idanha-a-Nova
14-Praia Fluvial Ribeira Grande – Sertã

15-Praia Fluvial Marmeleiro – Sertã
16-Praia Fluvial Trizio – Sertã

17-Fluvial Beach Álvaro – Oleiros
18-Fluvial Beach Açude do Pinto – Oleiros
19-Fluvial Beach of Ponte Cambas – Oleiros
20-Fluvial Beach of Aldeia Ruiva – Proença-a-Nova

21-Flóia Beach of Fróia – Proença-a-Nova
22-Praia Fluvial Alvito da Beira – Proença-a-Nova
23-Praia Fluvial Cerejeira – Proença a Nova
24-Praia Fluvial Penedo Furado – Vila de Rei

25-Praia Fluvial Zaboeira – Vila de Rei
26-Praia Fluvial Fernandaires – Vila de Rei
27-Praia Fluvial Bostelim – Vila de Rei
28-Praia Fluvial Pego das Cancelas – Vila de Rei
39-Praia Fluvial o Moinho – Penamacor
30-Praia Fluvial Troviscal – Sertã
31-Praia Fluvial de Lavacolhos – Fundão
32-Lagoa das Salgadeiras – Serra da Estrela

33-Fluvial Beach of Meimoa – Penamacor

34-Fluvial Beach of Verdelhos – Covilhã


1-Praia Fluvial do Reconquinho – Penacova

2-Praia Fluvial de Palheiros e Zorro – Coimbra

3-Praia Fluvial Sra.

Da Graça – Serpins 4-Praia Fluvial Canaveias – Góis
5-Praia Fluvial Olhos da Fervença – Cantanhede

6-Praia Fluvial de Ançã – Cantanhede
7-Fluvial Beach of Sete Fontes – Ourentã – Cantanhede
8-Fluvial Beach of Peneda – Góis

9-Fluvial Beach of Peneda da Cascalheira – Secarias – Arganil
10-Fluvial Beach of Peneda de Pego Escuro – Arganil
11-Fluvial Beach Benfeita – Arganil
12-Praia Fluvial Pomares – Arganil
13-Praia Fluvial de Côja – Arganil

14-Praia Fluvial de Piodão – Arganil
15-Praia Fluvial de Foz D´Égua – Arganil

16-Fluvial Beach of Valeiro do Barco – Sarzedo – Arganil
17-Fluvial Beach of Secarias – Arganil
18-Fluvial Beach of Peneda Talhada – Secarias – Arganil
19-Fluvial Beach of Povo da Cesta – Casal Novo – Arganil
20-Fluvial Beach of Urtigal – Barril de Alva – Arganil
21-Fluvial beach of Poço do Pujadouro – Stumps – Arganil
22-Fluvial beach of Malhada Chã – Arganil
23-Fluvial beach of Folques – Arganil
24-Fluvial beach of Senhora da Piedade – Lousã

25-Fluvial beach of Bogueira – Lousã

26-Praia Fluvial Avô – Oliveira do Hospital

27-Praia Fluvial São Gião – Oliveira do Hospital

28-Praia Fluvial Alvoco – Oliveira do Hospital
29-Praia Fluvial Pessegueiro – Pampilhosa da Serra

30-Praia Fluvial Santa Lúzia – Pampilhosa da Serra
31-Praia Fluvial Janeiro de Baixo – Pampilhosa da Serra
32-Praia Fluvial Pampilhosa da Serra – Pampilhosa da Serra

33-Praia Fluvial Segade – Miranda do Corvo
34-Praia Fluvial Louçainha – Penela

35- Fluvial Beach of Alvoco das Várzeas – Oliveira do Hospital
36-Fluvial Beach of Vimieiro – Penacova
37-Fluvial Beach Cascata da Fraga da Pena – Arganil

38- Fluvial Beach of Cabreira – Góis
39- Fluvial Beach of Ponte – Góis
40- Fluvial Beach of da Candosa – Góis
41- São Sebastião da Feira River Beach – Oliveira do Hospital


1-Praia Fluvial Valhelhas – Guarda

2-Praia Fluvial de Aldeia Viçosa – Aldeia Viçosa

3-Praia Fluvial Foios – Sabugal

4-Praia Fluvial Rapoula do Côa – Sabugal
5-Praia Fluvial Sabugal – Sabugal
6-Praia Fluvial Vale das Éguas – Sabugal
7 -Fluvial beach of Devesa – Sabugal

8-Fluvial beach Ínsua – Vale das Éguas – Sabugal
9-Fluvial beach Lameira – Quadrazais – Sabugal
10-Fluvial beach Quadrazais – Sabugal
11-Fluvial beach Vale do Rossim – Gouveia

12-Fluvial beach Lapa dos Dinheiros – Seia

13-Praia Fluvial do Sabugueiro – Seia

14-Praia Fluvial Loriga – Seia

15-Praia Fluvial Sandomil – Seia
16-Praia Fluvia Vila Cova à Coelheira – Seia
17-Fluvial Beach Poço do Lagar – Seia
18-Fluvial Beach Covão d’Ametade – Manteigas
19-Fluvial Beach Covão da Ponte – Manteigas
20-Fluvial Beach of Relebol da Reboleira – Sameiro – Manteigas
21-Fluvial Beach Vale do Mondego – Vila Cortês do Mondego
22-Poço da Broca Waterfall – Barriosa

23-Caldeirão Dam – Guarda
24-Dr. Pedro River Beach – Senhora do Desterro – Seia


1-Praia Fluvial das Rocas – Castanheira de Pêra
2-Praia Fluvial do Poço da Corga – Castanheira de Pêra

3-Praia Fluvial Aldeia Ana de Aviz – Figueiró dos Vinhos

4- Praia Fluvial Fragas de São Simão – Figueiró dos Vinhos
5-Praia Fluvial de Mosteiro – Pedrogão Grande
6-Praia Fluvial Cabril – Pedrogão Grande
7-Praia Fluvial Mega – Pedrogão Grande
8-Lagoa da Ervedeira – Leiria


1-Fluvial Beach of Alcafache – Mangualde
2-Fluvial Beach of Caldas de Sangemil – Tondela
3-Fluvial Beach of Paradise in São João do Monte – Tondela
4-Fluvial Beach of Teixo – Tondela
5-Fluvial Beach of Ferreirós do Dão – Tondela
6 -Nandufe River
Beach – Tondela 7-Porto River River Beach – Campia – Vouzela
8-Pouves River Beach – São Pedro do Sul
9-Serrazes River Beach – São Pedro do Sul
10-Fráguas River Beach – Vila Nova de Paiva
11-Porto de Rei River Beach – São João de Fontoura – Resende
12-Lagariça River Bridge and Beach – Freigil – Resende
13-Porto de Rei River Beach – Resende
14-Poço Azul – Wild River Beach in Sabrosa – Santa Cruz da Trapa
15-River Beach of Folgosa – Castro Daire
16-River Beach of Albufeira do Vilar – Moimenta da Beira
17-River Beach of Segões – Segões – Moimenta da Beira
18- Fluvial Beach Senhora da Ribeira – Santa Comba Dão
19-Fluvial Beach Casal de Sejães – Oliveia de Frades