When we purchased our house we did some research and knew that we wanted a casa in a tranquil, rural village with no immediate neighbours. We also needed super fast Internet for hubby’s work. I am the princess of planning and found information about the nearest amenities such as bank, supermarket, pharmacy, doctors, hospital, dentist etc. and these were all situated in Côja, a 5 min drive away. We also sourced a bigger town with a wider selection of amenities in Arganil, a 20 min drive. Our nearest coastal beach of Figueira da Foz is 1 hr 20 min and we have a local river beach in Côja. Our biggest nearest city is Coimbra 1 hr drive and the nearest airport is Porto under 2 hr drive. We also knew that we were pretty close to the Serra de Estrela mountain region and were really happy with these distances and travelling times.

What we didn’t realise is how many wonderful places we have that are easily accessible by car. When our house was advertised no one mentioned that we are under 10km and literally minutes drive to a spectacular waterfall (Fraga da Pena). They missed a selling point there! It wasn’t until recently when I researched a 2 week itinerary of day trips for my daughter’s visit that I realised we are so well located. We also found an airport in Viseu which offers internal flights to Cascais and Portimão. Vinhó also has a great public bus service if you don’t have transport.

I know a few of you are renting accommodation and searching for your dream home here so here are a few distances and timings I thought I would share. The Arganil municipality and Coimbra district is such a fantastic Central area.

From Casa Valhal, Vinhó 3305-286

Côja 5.7KM 5 min

Nearest petrol station 4.4KM 4 min

Arganil 16.6KM 20 min

Tennis courts 18.3KM 28 min

Vets in Arganil 17.7KM 27 min

Nearest hospital (in Oliveira do Hospital) 20KM 33 min

Fraga da Pena (Waterfall) 9.7KM 18 min

Moura da Serra 9.6KM 16 min

Coimbra (Forum shopping mall) 71.5KM 59 mins

Buçaco National Forest 63.4KM 1hr 2 min

Viseu 74.5KM 1 hr 1 min

Viseu airport 86.2KM 1hr 5 min

Porto 173KM 1 hr 51 min

Porto airport 184KM 1hr 57 min

Ikea Matosinhos 181KM 1hr 57 min

Lisbon 272KM 2hr 49 min

Figueira da Foz (nearest coastal beaches) 109KM 1hr 21 min

Piodão 22.5KM 34 mins

Aveiro 115KM 1hr 28 min

Tomar 132KM 1hr 44 min

Serra de Estrela (Torre) 53.1KM 1hr 18 min

Loriga river beach 39.5KM 1hr

Foz d’Égua river beach 27KM 45 min

Avó river beach 7.5KM 16 min

Peneda-Gerês National Park 275KM 2hr 51 min

Braga 223KM 2hr 22 min

Guimarães 224KM 2hr 25min

Douro valley (Pinhão) 164KM 2hr 4 min

Spanish boarder 129KM 1hr 50 min