Rabbit vaccines

Although there are many vets in Portugal it was quite difficult to source a vet that provides the RHD2 vaccine. In the U.K Milo received annual booster vaccines to prevent against Myxomatosis, RHD (Rabbit (Viral) Haemorrhagic Disease) and RHD2.

In the U.K the vaccines were administered in 2 separate vaccines. A combined vaccine for the Myxo and RHD and a separate vaccine for the RHD2, given at 2 week intervals. There is now a new vaccine 3 in 1 which protects rabbits from all 3 in a single dose but unfortunately this is not available in Portugal. I contacted 2 vets and they both confirmed that this was not available or licenced in Portugal. The vet I contacted in Tábua could only offer the Myxo and the RHD but could not offer the RHD2 vaccine. The vet in Arganil confirmed that all 3 vaccines could be administered but only as separate vaccines (3 weeks apart) so 3 vaccines required. The Myxo vaccine only lasts for 7 months so due again in April but the other 2 RHD vaccines last for 1 year. I decided to go with the 3 separate vaccines as although this seems inconvenient to have to stress Milo out and take him 3 times to the vet, it offers the best protection against deadly RHD2.

Myxomatosis is a virus spread by blood-sucking insects such as fleas, mites or mosquitoes. It can also be spread via contact with infected rabbits and via contaminated objects or the environment such as bedding, hutches, carriers, bowls etc. Milo is a house bunny so does not venture outside but mossies are plentiful in Portugal so better to be safe than sorry. RHD and RHD2 is also spread via the same methods as Myxomatosis.

The cost of all 3 vaccines is a total of €31.50 and there was an initial consultation fee of €19 to check Milo over. So a grand total of €50.50. You pay at the end of each visit so the first visit cost €29 (€19 for initial consultation and €10 for the vaccine). During the consultation she checked over Milo and examined his teeth, eyes, general health and took his temperature via a battery operated thermometer over his eye. He wasn’t that thrilled about this process but he gave a far better reaction than last time at the Bristol Vets where she took his temperature by inserting a thermometer up his butt hole. His poor little face, I don’t think he ever got over it (ha ha).

I am really happy with this Vets, the receptionist is so friendly and the vet is amazing. They both speak English which helps us a lot. The Vet waiting room was empty and we had to book the appointment in advance. It was great that there were no barking dogs in the waiting room as Milo gets very stressed out by large loud dogs. They have a branch in Lousa as well as Arganil but all non surgical stuff can be administered in Arganil which is only a 25 min car journey from our home.

I was unable to source an Insurance company here that insures rabbits. I did try my very best but no one will insure a bunny, just cats and dogs. I think the Portuguese just like to eat rabbit!

Off to the Vets (not a happy bunny!)

Vetargus – Arganil Veterinary Centre


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