Almost on a daily basis I am discovering a new creature in our garden so I thought I would try and photograph them all and regularly update as a separate post to my ‘Just Nature’ post. My favourite is still the abelhas and borboletas, especially the 2 abelhas (bees) that were getting jiggy.

All things bright and beautiful

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

There are 2 wasps who keep on making a nest between our bedroom window and shutter. Hubby removes the nest and they keep on returning and build another. Imagine building a home then coming home to find it gone and just rebuilding it over and over again – 5 times now! They are not usually supposed to return once the nest has gone, they should give up and move on. We have tried a screwed up brown paper bag to deter them to trick them into thinking there is a nest already there but these Portuguese wasps are F clever. They must love it here as much as us! Maybe we will have to capture them in a jam jar and take them on a little drive to the next village and let them free.

Another day, another snake. I accidently stood on this snakey Joe. It was on our steps when I returned from a jog and I was so exhausted, I didn’t see it. Nearly shit my pants!

All skin and no snake!

Another wasps nest in the crack of our sun room sliding doors. I accidently disturbed them by moving boxes and got stung! It does amaze me how perfect they make their nest/hive!

This poor little bird flew into our sun room window. I saved the last one but I was not so fortunate this time. I was hoping that he had just got stunned, knocked himself or was in a coma so I made him a little shelter. A few hours later and he hasn’t moved and is clearly deceased. RIP little birdy XXX

Another bird in the sun room, this time a robin and clearly alive and kicking, thank goodness!

How cute is this itsy bitsy snail!

I keep on trying to pick these bugs up thinking that they are twigs or dead leaves. I really need to get my eyes checked ASAP (ha ha).

How cool is this Praying Mantis?

Wow, this stunning Dragonfly got trapped in our lounge so we set it free. Such beautiful colours.

So many of these in our sun room!

Found this huge toad whilst gardening in December!

So many Robin’s in our garden (January 2021).

Found this bird today in our sun room, beautiful colours (March 2021).

Another day, Another Toad

They love to come out at night after rain. I nearly stood on this little fella by accident whilst putting the chickens to bed. I named him Terence.

George & Mildred

Trying to save 2 beautiful little Birds I found injured in my garden. I named them George and Mildred. George stayed by Mildred’s side right to the bitter end. God bless you and RIP Mildred. George has now flown off into the bright blue sky. Sometimes nature sucks but a sad and beautiful moment. I’m not crying over a dead bird, honestly!

Tiago the Toad

Tiago is eyeing up a little bug on the wall while a slug tries to sneak away unnoticed (ha ha).

Tiago Junior

He is giving me the ass (ha ha).

Gorgeous Girl (Oreo)

Gorgeous girl Oreo was mine just for an hour. She found me on my power walk/jog about 1 km from home and followed me all the way home. Fed and watered then returned back to its rightful owner. Dog tags with names and telephone numbers are vital! She was weaving in and out of traffic so was very lucky indeed not to be hit. She lives near Côja so got a fair distance and was super dehydrated. Oreo loved me and the feeling was mutual. We should have sent a ransom request “I got your dog, a dozen pastel de nata’s and you can have her back” (ha ha). Tchau Oreo.

Snakes & Schist Stone

Snakes love our schist casa. They enjoy hiding in the gaps of the schist stone because it’s warm and they like to shed their skin by rubbing against the sharp edges. Anyone fancy a snakeskin handbag? (ha ha). I’ve left it hanging on the wall blowing in the wind, it’s a piece of Portuguese nature art.

Skydiving Frog

I returned home from my jog and found a dead frog, stiff as a board! The last photo looks like he is sky diving. Maybe his tiny parachute ceased to open (ha ha). Bless him, RIP dear little friend.