Welcome to my secret garden, only it’s not so secret anymore (ha ha). I have named our upper top garden ‘The secret garden’ as you would not know this garden is here if you were in any of the other terraces in the garden. It’s hidden on a hillside and only accessed by a narrow passageway hidden with cascading ivy. It is not completely hidden and is slightly visible from the road. It is currently overgrown and had become a bit of a dumping ground for the previous occupants. It has an amazing fig tree and we planted our little lemon tree here too. It also houses our tiny ruin which we have now decided we want to make into a chicken house with a surrounding coop, sorry – grandkids! Yippee we are getting chickens! It will take a long time to sort the secret garden but hopefully this year at some point we will be the proud owner of chickens that produce fresh eggs. There are lots of bees, butterflies and birds in our secret garden and we might grow some grape vines and other plants too. It has dreamy landscape views but no fence so a sheer drop. Note to myself – don’t go here drunk in the dark.

We decided to clear away the weeds and debris from under the fig tree, our first step in sorting our little treasure of a garden. There are lots of vines that love to wind around our trees and suck the life out of them so this was a tricky task. Luckily for us we found no dog poop this time, they saved that for the area by the ruin – what a delight! We managed to clear a huge pile of garden waste and have started a hot compost area. 

You probably know by now that I love nature and being outdoors. I thought I had seen everything then I stumbled across a beautifully made bird’s nest with 5 tiny eggs situated right in the middle of our fig tree. 5 little speckled eggs resting neatly on twigs and leaves. I was really concerned that we may have distressed mummy bird with all our digging and raking. For a short moment I thought that my hubby had planted some cadbury mini eggs for a laugh as he is a practical joker and spotted the nest first but luckily mummy bird returned safe and sound, maybe she was just foraging for food. I have checked with some of my ‘twitcher’ Facebook friends and it is looking like it could be a Pisco de peito ruivo (Red breasted robin), so we have named her Robyn. I am excited to have a friend of nature to check on as Leeroy the Lizzard has gone AWOL from inside our window shutter. I am looking forward to watching the eggs hatch, experiencing the wonders of new life and greeting my new feathered friends. Now to decide on 5 names (ha ha). Maybe I could name them after The Jackson 5: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael.

UPDATE: The chicks have hatched!

Hubby made bird themed pancakes to celebrate