We got a quote online from Medal as it was recommended by someone on a forum. They have special rates for Afpop members and they needed to know:

  1. The contents values
  2. The re-building cost value for the building
  3. Building construction’s year
  4. Date of any renovation work

They quoted us 368 euros per annum (Afpop member price)  but would not insure us as non Afpop members as the house construction year isn’t accepted (the insurance companies consider it too old) only accepts builds since 1969. Afpop membership is 100 euros for joint membership, 85 euros for single membership so 468 euros in total! They emailed saying they had to check with Zurich then never got back to me.

We visited our bank and they gave us a quote which was significantly cheaper around 200 euros per annum so we went with them for the first year and like the car insurance will get more quotes at the end of the year. My advice would be to check with your bank as we thought they would be expensive but they were not.