6 months in and we are still living the dream. There are some flip sides to living in Portugal and I wanted to let everyone know it’s not always sun, sea and sand! We have heard the pitter patter of tiny feet in the roof for months now. Then it all stopped, dead peaceful (quiet as a mouse!) and we go on with day to day life. Today I was gardening and followed a cute lizard which disappeared up by the roof just outside of the kitchen door. My eyes followed the little fella and I saw this:

It was definitely not taking an afternoon nap and clearly deceased. Hubby and I flipped a coin to see who would dispose of it and I won! I knew that double headed coin would come in useful one day (ha ha). Hubby tried to remove it but it’s stuck solid. It’s body is bigger than it’s head, a bit like mine! It’s not going anywhere in a hurry. So, it’s just there staring at us like some kind of rodent horror movie. I have no clue how to get rid of it. Hubby put rat poison down in the loft as we can’t get to the roof space and I think it ate some poison then tried to get outside for a drink as the poison apparently makes them super thirsty. Look how close he/her got to reaching freedom!

We also have some form of wood worm which is not good at all. Luckily it’s not termites and we purchased some Xylophene and a syringe from the pharmacy and hubby injected the stuff and painted it everywhere on all the wood. As he did this, a beetle dropped to the floor so now we have identified it as a longhorn house beetle. We are going to monitor the situation closely and if necessary get in the experts. If you are looking to buy a house in Portugal, do pay special attention to all the wood and look out for bore holes and little piles of what looks like sawdust on the floor.

It’s all fun and games at Casa Valhal. If you have any suggestions on what to do with Rodney the rodent, feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t recommend us chopping it’s head off as although I’m getting used to all the critters here, I’m not that brave enough to dismember anything, just yet (ha ha). Enjoy your dinner everyone!