I wear contact lenses, am very shortsighted and have astigmatism. I used to have my lenses delivered to me at home from Specsavers in the UK and paid £18 per month for monthly disposable contact lenses including peroxide cleansing liquid. Before I came I purchased 6 months supply (lenses only) for £15 per pair. I have really dry eyes and can only wear a certain brand. There are several opticians here and there also seems to be a lot of companies online too. I still have a few pairs but decided to price up lenses. I visited Multioptica in the Forum shopping mall in Coimbra recently. They did not have the brand I wanted but had Cooper Vision and I took my empty boxes to show the prescription. They confirmed that 6 months supply of the Cooper Vision would cost 139.80. I think my lenses are a bit more expensive than the basics due to the astigmatism so I have to have the toric ones. 

I still have a few pairs from the UK to last a while but only have 1 bottle of the peroxide cleansing solution so thought I had better order some from Amazon UK as I am unsure if pharmacies will be shut or restricted opening hours due to our current situation we are all facing. Ordered x3 360ml bottles of Bausch & Lomb for £23.43 including delivery from the UK to Portugal so works out under £8 per bottle and will last a few months. This gives me time to source some here.