I used to enjoy my weekly jog in Bristol so re-started jogging in Portugal. It’s very hilly around here so it’s really hard to jog as every slight hill hurts my bad back and i have to walk up some of the hills. It’s beautiful scenery and sunshine if you don’t mind the odd barking dog who clearly wants to savage your body parts. As I have mentioned the Portuguese drive like maniacs at high speed and there are no pavements. On my last jog I nearly got killed by a bus so I purchased a neon football bib to go over the top of my jogging clothing. 2 euros from Decathlon and one size fits all! Lightweight and breathable – job done as they can see me coming.

I really dislike jogging on a treadmill and much prefer to jog in the outdoors even in the UK. Sometimes I would use the option of running on a treadmill with the TV screen on and run through a virtual forest for fun. Well I can actually run through a real live forest here which is so amazing.

Our first jog here was in the rain. 10 minutes in to our jog and the skies opened up and we got absolutely soaked. We now only jog in fine weather. We have no difficulty social distancing on our jog. I am always and will always be about 5 metres behind hubby as he is so much fitter than I am.

The Portuguese are very amused in our village when they see us jogging. They think we are mad. I just have to try and avoid all the football talent scouts as if they see me in my football bib they might want to sign me for Porto FA ha ha. Also not sure the Kipsta neon football bib is a fashion statement over the top of my Ivy Park top. I doubt that Beyonce would approve or you will see this look anytime soon in her summer collection!